To get started:
Log into the hackathon’s slack channel to join the discussion.   This is where you can get questions answered, find mentors to help you think through specific topics, and come up with new ideas related to our organization.  Once the hackathon registration and submission window opens, it will also be possible to find teammates through the devpost platform and filter people by interests and skill sets.

Available resources:
Feel free to build your project from scratch, or design a prototype using other design tools in order to demonstrate a concept.  Although it isn’t required, it helps to include a project that involves using one of Kiva’s APIs or repositories.  There are two main departments at Kiva, each of which have their own sets of documentation to explore, Kiva Marketplace and Kiva Protocol.
Marketplace - Crowdfunded microloans that change lives

Marketplace is the department of Kiva that manages the microloan borrowing and lending process.  It is the department of Kiva that has driven most of Kiva’s brand up to this point.  It is what the public sees when they visit

Kiva Developer Docs (Start here)
Kiva's Public Graphql API

Kiva's Marketplace front-end app

Kiva Protocol - Digital infrastructure for inclusive financial systems

Protocol is Kiva’s newer cutting-edge research project in the area of digital identity.   The repositories made available allow for the creation, issuance and verification of digital id cards and other types of data.  Many open source tools have recently been made available as open source code for people to use.  This is an area of research that has a lot of potential for innovation, as there is much to explore in terms of what can be done when problems around identity are solved.

Introductory videos about Kiva Protocol


  • Protocol Demo Repo - This repository contains the documentation needed in order to get started on a project that supports the creation, issuance and verification of digital identities.