about 2 years ago

And the winner is...

The judges have weighed in, and we're excited to share the news! Go to the Kiva Fall 2021 Hackathon gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the awesome submissions.

Please come to the Kiva Hackathon Wrap Party!

Even though the competition is over, you don't have to stop coding. Update your portfolio to inform your followers about new projects and get feedback from fellow hackers.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

over 2 years ago

Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for Kiva Fall 2021 Hackathon.

Thank you for participating!!!

over 2 years ago

Midpoint Updates

Hey Kiva Hackathoners,   Thank you all for signing up to participate in this hackathon! We've had a couple of submissions already. So exciting! Let's keep them coming in.   Did you know:   There's a #questions-for-kiva channel in the Kiva Hackathon Slack If you're looking for clarification from a Kiva representative, post in this channel and get the help you need.   We're halfway through the event Deadline to submit: Nov 4, 10 pm PDT   Join the Wrap Party Let's celebrate all your hard work at a virtual Wrap Party on December 1st! We'll share the winning videos…

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over 2 years ago

Welcome + Key Hackathon Info

Hi friends,


Thank you for participating in the Kiva Hackathon! We are so glad that you’re working to expand financial access to people across the globe who might not have access to traditional bank funding. 


  • Looking to build or join a team? Devpost has some handy articles that can help explain the process. 


  • Looking to chat with other participants? Join the Kiva Hackathon Slack and ask questions you may have of the Kiva technical team and mentors. 



Important Dates:

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over 2 years ago

Rules Update

Thank you for joining the Kiva Fall 2021 Hackathon! We wanted to inform you of recent changes made to the rules.  Kiva employees are eligible to participate.   To further ensure judging is fair, projects submitted by Kiva employees will only be judged by external parties not affiliated with Kiva.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum or slack.